Two Performances by 600 girls (Thursday’s Child Part Three). June 1939

The Drama, London.

Previous and future blog posts have dealt/will deal extensively with this very important show.  600 performers, at the Albert Hall, which was attended by Royalty.

Although there were displays of ‘keep-fit’ and of National Dancing, the majority of the performance consisted of miming under the sole direction of Irene Mawer.  She was able to do this by utilising the organisation which she had founded, the Institute of mime, which had teachers all over England.

The event had to be completed in a single day, and there were two performances, one at 2.30pm and the second at 7.30pm.  Everyone who was involved must have been exhausted by the end of the day, but most of the girls were probably far too excited to get any sleep that night!

Author: Janet Fizz Curtis

Janet Fizz Curtis is trained in the Irene Mawer Method of Mime and Movement and is now writing a book about the life of Irene Mawer.

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