Good News (Sir David Attenborough)

David Attenborough - Handwritten Reply to My Letter

Well… big grin.

No! Massive grin!

A most wonderful, wonderful man has written me a letter. A handwritten letter, no less. What an absolutely superb human being, who, at 93 years of age and supremely busy, took time to reply to me.

If you missed the blog post from two weeks ago (8 December), you might want to have a look at it first, before you read today’s post.

I have attached two photos of this special letter, dated 11 December 2020, which reads:

“Dear Janet Fizz Curtis,

In reply to your enquiry Helga Bejach, who stayed with my family in Leicester from 1939-1945, did indeed attend the Ginner Mawer School from – I imagine – 1944, but her course there was brought to an early end when she went to New York in 1945 to join her uncle. She certainly enjoyed her time at the school and continued her interest in dancing throughout her life. She died several years ago.

Yours sincerely,
David Attenborough.”

What a wonderful man.

Author: Janet Fizz Curtis

Janet Fizz Curtis is trained in the Irene Mawer Method of Mime and Movement and is now writing a book about the life of Irene Mawer.

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