Balancing Act (Video)

While idly browsing through Facebook, I came upon a video which made my heart sing.  So I send out a big thank you to an Italian community organisation called Balancing Act for making this video, and for including Irene Mawer.  

I began watching the video, totally unknowing what would be in it, and I saw how the people were being discussed in order of year of birth.  I held my breath.  And then, there she was, Miss Mawer has been included.

The robot which voices the video does need some help with pronunciation, including Miss Mawer’s first name (which should be pronounced eye-reen-ee, not eye-reen.  But that is something I can live with!)

I can’t describe how excited I am.  So now Irene Mawer has a place in Wikipedia, a Facebook page, a web site and inclusion in an important video.

From the internet, I found the following information “The Cultural Association Balancing Act, based in Venice, Italy, promotes music through images.  This playlist is dedicated to the art of mime, its history, artists, and its importance in communication, also when combined with other form (sic) of arts, like music.  If you would like contribute to this project or get more information, feel free to contact us:  The video has been realised by the Balancing Act collaborator Elisa Marzorati  with the supervision of Victor Hernando    director of the magazine Movimimo

Thank you so much to everyone who made the video possible.

Please do have a quick look at the video so that the algorithms will notice it.  Cheers!

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