A Hammersmith Matinee

The Era, Wednesday 18 June 1924

This afternoon performance was given in London at the King’s Theatre in Hammersmith.  The article doesn’t say why the show was being put on – I thought at first that it might have been the exam performances, but I don’t think it was that.

I also don’t see the connection between the content of the programme and Shakespeare ( the show is by arrangement with Mr J B Mulholland and the New Shakespeare Company).

The programme comprised of A Festival of Hera, which included Greek ritual and mimetic dances; scenes from Prunella by Laurence Houseman and Granville Barker; The Ladye of Armour which is a mediaeval mime by Mawer, and “by special request”, The Call of the Sea (a Ginner piece, so presumably a dance) plus scenes from L’Enfant Prodigue (whereby Mawer would play the role of Pierrot).

The company included Effie Williams, Doris McBride (who I met in the early 1980’s – she was a friend of my own teacher), Renee Gadd, Kathleen Simpson (LRAM), and Amy Rushworth (LRAM).  So an impressive company.

Author: Janet Fizz Curtis

Janet Fizz Curtis is trained in the Irene Mawer Method of Mime and Movement.

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