1933, Established in 1916

6th December 1933

Birmingham Daily Gazette

There has been some conflicting information as to when the Ginner-School of Dance and Drama was first established.  I have gathered together a body of evidence to prove that the date was, in fact, 1916 and this newspaper cutting will be added to my collection.

The article is about Ruby Ginner and three of her students, giving a dance recital in Birmingham.  “Miss Ginner is the president of the Association of Teachers of the Revived Greek Dancing”.  Revived Greek later became Classical Greek.

At the foot of the article it reads “Miss Ginner has also studied ballet dancing, but very early in her career, she told me, she became absorbedly interested in Greek dancing and in 1916 she started the Ginner-Mawer School of Dance and Drama.”



Author: Janet Fizz Curtis

Janet Fizz Curtis is trained in the Irene Mawer Method of Mime and Movement and is now writing a book about the life of Irene Mawer.

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